Sweet E Liquids

Got a sweet tooth? Try these sweet E Liquids. 

Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth? Our sweet flavour e-liquid range offers everything from luxurious, roll-over-the-tongue to e-liquid flavours which remind you of your favourite sweets as a child? These tangy, sweet and juicy combinations have been handpicked with your e smoking enjoyment in mind.

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Custard Cream (1x50ml)

Custard Cream - Premium E LiquidWhether you love them or hate them, this liquid is recognized as..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Strawberry Jam (1x100ml)

Strawberry Jam - E LiquidThis sticky sweet taste of Strawberry jam preserve has been distilled ..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Tangerine Marmalade (1x100ml) (1x100ml)

Orange Marmalade - E LiquidThis zingy but sweet tangerine marmalade preserve has been distilled ..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Banana Cream (1x50ml)

Banana Cream - Premium E LiquidBlended for dense, syrup-smooth vapor, this e-liquid is a perenni..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Cereal Killer (1x50ml)

Cereal Killer - Premium E LiquidCereally excellent flavors; Cereal Killer features sugared granola t..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Doughnut Dream (1x50ml)

Doughnut Dream - Premium E LiquidJumping firmly onto the donut train, Vape Scotts Doughnut Dream..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Cherry Tune (1x50ml)

Cherry Tune - Premium E LiquidJuicy cherry's and undertones of sweet eucalyptus, this supreme flavor..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Berry Aid (1x50ml)

Berry Aid - Premium E LiquidThe original lemonade love affair! A blast of mixed berry lemonade with ..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Strawberry Rhubarb (1x50ml)

Strawberry Rhubarb - Premium E LiquidFresh garden picked rhubarb combined with sweet ripe strawb..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Grape Drank (1x50ml)

Grape Drank - Premium E LiquidThis delightful concoction of triple grape will have you leaning b..

£15.00 Ex Tax: £15.00