Nicotine 101 - Saftey first. 

Nicotine SafetyHandling and Storage. Nicotine(particularly highly concentrated) is a dangerous substance and must be handled with care. The intake of high enough concentrations of nicotine through ingestion, inhalation or absorption through the skin can cause poisoning & sickness, and in extreme cases even death.


Nicotine shots are 10ml bottles of high strength flavorless liquid, they are designed to be added to bigger bottles of nicotine free e-liquid to make it your desired strength from your 0mg e-liquid. Please note that Nicotine is extremely dangerous in small doses, so always do research before attempting this process.

So why can't we just buy larger bottles at 3mg etc...
Due to the Tobacco Products Directive that came into force across Europe, manufacturers can no longer sell e-liquid in a bottle with nicotine in any bigger than 10 milliliters in size. because of this nicotine shots, or “nic shots” were created as a mixing component.  It allows companies to sell larger bottles of nicotine free e liquid, which are not regulated under the Tobacco Products Directive.


This depends entirely on what strength you would like your e-liquid to be, we have added a guide below, please note, only follow these steps if you are competent in DIY e-liquid, otherwise please contact us and we will offer some advice. Nicotine is extremely dangerous in small doses, so always wear the correct protective gloves when handling base nicotine.

0MG (0%)

Our Chubby Editions are already 0mg, so great news, your set to go, or you can add 10ml of vegetable glycerin to give you an extra 10ml of our lush flavours

3MG (0.3%)

If you vape 3mg e-liquids, you’re in luck! Simply pour the entire 10ml bottle of 18mg nic shot into your Chubby Edition 50ml bottle, apply the nib & shake vigorously. Remeber guys, the more you shake, the better the vape! 

6MG (0.6%) OR HIGHER

The problem is, with 10ml being the biggest size nicotine-containing liquid can be, and 20mg/ml the strongest strength, one nicotine shot of 18mg isn’t enough. You would need almost two nicotine shots to make 6mg and almost four to make 12mg!

  • For 6mg: add 5ml of 72mg base nicotine & 5ml of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol
  • For 12mg: just add 10ml of 72mg/ml base nicotine

There is a solution, if you already have nicotine base liquid of 72mg strength or you can find some to purchase online you can easily make your liquid 6mg or 12mg & it will save you money in the long run. 

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